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Super Sacks

Super Sacks

$218.00 each (100 filled bags per sack)

100 filled bags per sack OR filled with aggregate

ONLY at Midwest Sandbags: All Super Sack Lift Bags have multiple stevedore straps. No pallets to get stuck in the mud!

35″ x 35″ x 50″

Quantity chosen below is the number of pallets/bales.

Need to order a smaller quantity? Call 847-366-6555 for 24/7 Customer Service or contact us online.


* Please note that we don’t ship internationally.

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Yellow Super Duty – Filled

$2.75/per bag $275.00 per hundred

Orange Super Duty – Empty

$0.41/per bag $410.00 per thousand

OD Green Super Duty – Filled

$2.75/per bag $275.00 per hundred


Super Sack Lift Bags - $10 per bag 

White Regular Duty Empty Sandbags - $0.13 per bag
Full pallet of 190 Super Sacks must be purchased to recieve sale price. White regular duty empty sandbags sold in bales of 1000. Available while supplies last.